I bridge your body, mind and spirit WITH THE WISDOM OF THE STARS 

Misalignment within self causes turmoil and disappointment in relationships, work and feeling connected to your purpose. 

Receive the language to understand the workings of your mind and heart. Discover the places that flow in your life, as well as those that need awareness and consciousness. 

Gain tools designed to work best with your energy and interests. 

  • Identify your areas of strengths with direction in how to cultivate them further

  • Identify your areas of development and where you can apply effort for growth 



  • Push the limits of your personal development, whether spiritual or psychological 

  • Understand your inner and outer experiences through a concise and profound framework

  • Know your life path and your place on this earth

  • Learn to move through blockages and periods of stagnation

  • Gain clarity about your recent and distant past

  • Map out your upcoming year

  • Feel seen, feel held, feel connected