This is a life-changing experience. The reading that Oak gave me was incredibly detailed and specific. He explained the major themes in different areas of my life and gave me the confidence to speak aloud a dream I have been keeping to myself. I am inspired. I am also a bit wiser because he summarized the mistakes I have been making in my love life. -Owen W.

I was lucky to find Oak at a really intense crossroads in my life and he has proven to be an incredibly talented and astute astrology guide. Oak's readings manage to have deep clarity, empathy, and realness all at once. He always provides actionable insights to ruminate on and plan for, and every reading has been eerily specific, accurate, and emotionally cathartic. -Amber VM

I've gotten a reading done and have taken a few astrology lessons from Oak as well. From the beginning, I tangibly felt this sense of ease - he held this energy of non-judgment, calm scrutiny, this patient attentiveness (my Virgo moon appreciates) and I've continued to witness how he upholds that energy with clients, students, and other people in general. He feels very relatable, injecting lightness and humor into the readings / lessons, and there is a visceral, unspoken feeling of mutual respect - it truly feels like he is here in full presence, in humility, here to be of service. Working with him has been quite humbling.
In my reading, Oak carefully and gracefully weaved together the stories and the energies within my chart and presenting those layers in a way that very much resonated with me. Already knowing some astrology myself, as well as having already gotten a couple of readings done by professional astrologers, I appreciated how Oak immediately discerned parts of my chart that stood out to him that hadn't been addressed as specifically in other readings. - Katie T.

What I appreciate about Oak's style is that he gives you your reading with love, care and intention. I had studied my natal chart on my own for a few years prior to this, but this was my first professional reading. Oak highlighted areas I had completed neglected and showed me many new areas of my chart. If you're looking for an astrologer that will leave you feeling like you just got a hug from the cosmos, Oak is your person! -Priscilla O.

I attended his Astrology workshop and learned so much. The way he teaches is very relatable and intuitive. I immediately wanted a reading from Oak. I learned and validated so much about myself that I was never quite sure about. He helped me understand the nuances of my personality and the journey I've had so far, as well as what's to come. -Angela A.


I have been working with Oak for the past 3 years and he has been an amazing support and guide with navigating life transitions and helping me understand my highest potential. He is a delight to be around, wonderful communicator, compassionate and gentle listener and skilled astrologer! I love and adore Oak and highly recommend anyone to get a reading with him. -Ksenia S.

I studied an intensive Introduction to Astrology course with Oak. He is very knowledgeable, really takes the time to stop and listen to your comments and questions and takes into consideration your level of knowledge and works from that. -Becky M.

Oak's reading has impacted me on multiple levels. He illuminated aspects of my natal chart that were 'hidden in plain sight' but heretofore not revealed to me by other astrologers. He listens deeply, takes his time, and expresses himself succinctly and directly. He has a beautiful presence that sets you at ease and encourages you to be honest and vulnerable, allowing the conversation to go deep and work at the most profound level. -Mister J.

Oak is a gem. Both my natal chart and year ahead readings were so spot on and full of deep, meaningful insights. Not only did I learn about myself, my life, and my relationship to others, I walked away with a sense of hope and tangible steps to take to work with the energy in my chart to improve my life- And get the things I desire most. Oak was so patient and empathetic to my deepest pains and concerns. -Rachel S.

His counsel, which is wise grounded and intuitive has helped me to gain a more balance and to move forward with my life with empowerment, more ease & less suffering. -Hien T.


Sometimes I am brought to tears at the accuracy and healing nature of his readings. I've had three readings with Oak thus far, and I hope to have many more in the future. After each session, I feel more grounded, clear, and equipped to handle life's flow. He's a joy to be around, as well, with his calm, intuitive, and gentle presence. -Katie M.

I had an honest, raw, vulnerable, and all encompassing reading with Oak. Gracias. It felt safe all the way thru. Really appreciating how the scope of this reading has led me to understand some deep shifts taking place -Natalia M

He has been a wonderful guide when making important decisions about anything in life. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance with astrology and wellness! - Stephen R.

We have done several readings over the past few years. Oak's readings are so insightful and easy to follow. He has helped me to understand aspects of my personality that I have struggled with. I meet with Oak as often as possible. - Marlee H.

Oak is professional, incredibly well-prepared, insightful, patient (I asked so many questions), affirming and inspiring. A spirit healer in my perspective.

As Oak was reviewing my chart he asked if something significant happened on that day. It freaked me out that a reading could be so specific. I was sold on astrology and Oak in that moment. Oak delivered the reading with so much care and compassion. He took me on a journey of who I was, checking in along the way to make sure things were resonating with me. I've been struggling for so many years to make some specific changes in my life, without success. I'm not sure what his magic is, but those changes have come so effortlessly in the month in a half since the reading. I'm happier, healthier and know I can 'get my life' for the first time in so many years. Oak is a total gem and a true healer. …You'll seriously glow from the inside with the knowledge and self-love you'll be gifted with. -Daniel K.


Literally an angel sent from heaven!!! My reading with Oak gave me more than I expected. His attitude is attentive and no bs. What makes Oak truly special is the questions he asks you in order to gain as much self awareness and self healing as possible, allowing you to feel like you have a clear map of the steps you need to take. -Sylvia B.

Oak is the best! I took an astrology workshop with him at The Center in the beginning of the year and was so impressed with his thoroughness and thoughtfulness that I knew I had to get a one-on-one reading. He took the time to explain all of the astrologically significant events happening in my chart and was very thoughtful in answering my questions. He also gave me a bunch of referrals for flower essences that he thought might be helpful for me. He is very sweet and down-to-earth and is a pleasure to spend time with. If you are having questions about your life path I couldn't recommend Oak more highly. -Rikki W.

Oak has definitely helped me this year to make sense of why things have happened throughout my life, why things were tough in the past few years, and why that period is over and i am so thankful to have been referred to him. I recommend everyone to have a reading  and as he says, "get your life" because he will read you like a book and be 1000% correct! -Jae J.

Over the years Oak has done several types of readings for me. He first blew me away with a birth chart reading that showed me why I make certain decisions and gave me the ability to choose differently. I use his readings at the beginning of the year to plan things according to the types of energy that I will be experiencing, so that I can not making things harder than they need to be. His classes are super fun too! I can't wait till we are in the same area again to take another one. He really breaks things down so you can understand they 'why' behind it. 

He has also done a few relationship compatibility charts. It's great to know ahead of time what kind of communication issues you can face in a relationship. And there was a lot of good news in the last one! Lastly, I always check in to see where I should spend my birthday each year based on how it will affect the next year. -Marie M.

This was my 3rd experience with an astrologer, & Oak blew the others out of the water! He's obviously incredibly knowledgeable, and I appreciated how he checked in with me after each section of my chart to see if I had questions. He honored the intimate details of my story that I shared with him & was as good a listener as he was a guide for me in this process. I've already decided to schedule yearly readings with him and personally recommended him to everyone I know (my sister is getting a reading this month)! -Tara A.

Words cannot explain how my reading with Oak has given me so much life! His readings are GOLD! For someone like myself who wasn't knowledgeable at all in the realm of astrology, Oak made my reading very personable, understanding and most of all FUN! I left my reading feeling empowered and encouraged to gain an even better understanding of how the moon, sun and universe effects me in different ways. Oak is definitely my number one astrologer. -Teaira R.

I link up with Oak every couple months for a reading. His readings are mind blowing, precise, and incredibly down to earth! It's been so helpful for me on my path and also for my partner. I can't recommend him more highly -Alex M.

Oak has a way of taking in all that information and delivering it in a way that I can easily understand and apply to my life.  For me delivery is everything.  His communication is deep, mindful, and healing.  -Jeannie Z.

Oak is amazing! His readings are very much in-depth and go through every angle of your birth chart and how it has been affecting you in the previous months, present, and the months to come. Oak is very intuitive and has a gift of not only connecting with his clients personally but is also well connected and knowledgeable in the healers network. He does amazing one-on-one readings AND he puts together the best workshops and healing events. Very talented on multiple levels and his giving heart to others has to be the icing on the cake! Looking forward to have Oak as my go to astrologer. -Dumebi O.

Oak is incredible. Really. He lives and breathes the stars and charts and his knowledge runs deep. This is his gift and if you get the chance, do yourself a favor, and let him help you understand your place in the universe. -Amy P.

Oak has a gift for astrology. After a session, I feel like I have been meditating for an hour. Awareness increases.  -Frank A.

My reading with Oak was a healing experience that helped me view my life path quite differently than I had previously. As Oak used my birth chart to describe the dances within me, as in the different aspects of the self, I came to realize that I wasn't a walking contradiction (as it previously felt at times) but rather a whole being with many energies at play within me. Qualities or patterns I had seen previously as "flaws," Oak helped me see as dances within me that create friction and therefore inspire growth. Having a birth chart reading really helped me understand myself as part of a larger cosmos, which is in itself innately healing. I fell into a very peaceful sleep afterwards. -Elizabeth M


Oak is truly gifted and every single reading I have had with him has been above & beyond. His personal care, attention to detail, knowledge + understanding of your chart, thoughtfulness and compassionate way with words are second to none. -Zoe. R

During the reading, I had a lot of moments where I was speechless because it was on point!! I learned a lot about myself. I left the reading with a better understanding of who I am, why things were happening the way they were and it just makes me ready to face this new year. -Aimee E.

I had the pleasure of having a astrology reading with Oak a year ago and the big predictions he laid forth seemed totally unreachable at the time. He was so wise in his delivery and insights and I felt calm and centered and excited following. Huge things are happening, he was spot on! Thank you xx -Ruth J.

I'll never forget my first birth chart reading with Oak. He helped me clarify very specific aspects of my life and identity, which was so healing. It is not often that I come across an astrologer that is able to provide such complex information in a succinct, digestible way that I can easily interpret. He is easy to connect with, and his communication is on point. Thank you, Oak! -Jen C.

It takes a lot to be able to trust someone with so much karmic and energetic personal information but it comes really naturally with Oak. 

It's also really reassuring for QTIPOC to be able to have an astrologer like him to be able to look toward, learn from, and feel safe at the same time. He's very welcoming, honest and knows what's a priority and important to disclose versus what can come later. 

 It's nerve wrecking enough when you're aboutta get your whole life roasted, so having someone so reassurance to help with that guidance is very helpful. -Jace Y.

From the first time he read my natal chart to me, I knew he was the real deal! Oak was telling me things about my life that we had NEVER discussed! Every time he does a yearly reading for me, everything he mentioned has manifested. If it was not for his readings, I would have been greatly troubled as I didn't know what was going on in the cosmos for me to feel certain ways or for certain situations to occur in my life. Oak's readings constantly give me a source of comfort. They prepare me for the work that I will have to do and they give me a reason to look to the future with excitement! Oak is my astrologer for LIFE! -Jaz C.

Everything that he mentioned was specific to my life and so on point that it was just a bit scary. He was able to tell what type of personally my children have and that was amazing . Thank you Oak for your wonderful guidance! See you again soon! -Joy C.

I met Oak when I was in a very vulnerable place. He gave me  clarification and ideas to organize my life. I saw him three months ago, and I will be seeing him soon. You can't go wrong with Oak.He is very patient, thorough, and kind. -Kushal G.

Oak is amazing!! His reading of my birth chart was so incredibly detailed. Oak just has this energy that feels welcoming and sure and knowledgable too. I've revisited the recording of our chat and its found something new every time I listen to it again. I highly recommend getting your birth chart read by him. -Karen T.