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Many people come into an astrology reading with no idea what to expect. thought I would make a simple FAQ for how to go about getting an astrology reading. 

Receiving an astrology reading is a powerful experience.

An astrology reading is tailored to you based on your birthdate, birth time and city. Through interpreting the sky at the moment of your birth, a reading goes into all facets of your life, personality traits, relationship style, physical mental emotional health, how your family story plays a role in your development and even goes into ancestral storylines. It is deep and the experience should feel profound because it is basically your soul being interpreted to you.

In order to have a positive and accurate experience, it is important to have an accurate time of birth.

The time should come from a birth certificate or straight from a family member. It is possible to receive a copy of a birth certificate by contacting your hospital or the records department of the city/county you were born. An accurate birth time will usually be within approximately 15 mins of birth. 

A time within the hour of birth can work, though the closer to accuracy does ensure a more accurate reading. The astrologer can adjust the time by asking a few questions to verify the time (which is called rectification). 

It is possible to give an accurate reading without time of birth. Personally, I offer readings to those without birth times, with accurate and positive results. I may have to assess the chart to see how extensive of a reading I can give, though I preface the conversation saying that having a birth time offers 50-60% more information. 

Getting a reading from a professional astrologer ensures that you will receive a complete synthesis of your birth chart rather than fragmented info from the internet. This will clarify any misinformation found online and save you time/headache.

How does astrology compare to other types of psychic and spiritual readings?

Tarot, psychic intuitives, mediumship, numerology, astrology … Where do I begin my search for answers and who has the BEST answers for me? There are many paths to the truth and none of them are incorrect. Think of them as different languages speaking of the same topic - Universal Energy.

The primary difference of astrology to other types of divination is that it uses the movement of the planets to give guidance- which, in essence, is study of time. Time is finite, the movement of the planets is consistent and measurable. A skilled and seasoned astrologer will give information that is consistent and accurate. With a psychic reading, you may not understand or have basis on where the reader is getting their information, as you cannot see what the psychic is seeing. Astrology is scientific in the sense that the information given is based upon the consistent movement of the planets.

Astrology is an aggregated body of information, with much of the wisdom being passed down (western tradition) from the past 2000+ years.

An astrology reading is often compared to several therapy sessions all at once because you don’t have to spend any of the time unpacking your story, it’s all there in the stars.

Work with a professional.

There is a now a trend of spiritual counselors and mystics offering services all over social media. It is imperative that you are able to discern and filter through unexperienced readers. Spiritual readings can be life-changing and so helpful when needed, but guidance from a person who does not have proper training in their craft, proper ethical training, and/or lack of counseling skills can be detrimental to an individual. Many times my work with astrology is having to go back and assist a client with bad experiences from other astrologers or readers AND especially from reading misinformed astrology articles on the internet/social media.

Astrology and other types of readings should be empowering, real, and insightful. Do not hesitate to ask questions, it will help you understand what you will and will not be receiving in a reading.

When choosing to work with any reader, use your best judgement. If you like their writing and the way they present themselves, that’s a good sign that they may be the right person to work with.

How to prepare for an astrology reading:

1. Be mentally available

Do not be exhausted when receiving a reading. It is important to be present as you will often times be asked questions that may make you have to assess your own situation. 

2. It’s not necessary to take notes

There is a lot of valuable information that is given during an astrology reading. An audio recording is always taken of the reading so that you can refer back to it. 

3. Be open

An astrology reading is an in-depth conversation about you. The level of openness that you have will be what you receive in return. You are welcome to participate in the reading and say what resonates with you and what doesn’t. 

Types of readings:

-In-Depth Reading // Birth Chart Reading

A birth chart reading is recommended as a way to deeply understand yourself, your needs for balance and path in life. Topics that can be covered in a birth chart reading are relationship dynamics, communication, body constitution, emotional disposition, career, intimacy, home/family, community/friendship, personal philosophy. A birth chart reading also identifies the challenging dynamics that may express as contradictions within one’s life experience, as well as themes of talent for an individual.

The information that is received in a birth chart reading is applicable to one’s life experience and can be carried throughout one’s life. A birth chart reading should not express a static/finite version of an individual - we are complex, ever growing beings and a birth chart reading offers the flexibility of that same growth and potential. 

Often times we want to have a reading for clarity regarding a situation that we are currently experiencing. Many times our situations in life are simply a reflection of patterns that we consistently experience and perpetuate in life. Certain situations can simply be addressed by the topics that are a part of an individuals life story. 

-Year Ahead Forecast

A year ahead forecast goes over the major themes of the current year. In a year ahead reading, periods of time and dates are given for periods of challenge and opportunity. It is extremely comforting and helpful to understand the themes of growth for the year as it helps to maximize on opportunity. It is also helpful to understand the themes of challenge, it is often comforting to understand the timeline of difficult periods to know when they start and end - This gives more structure to the unpredictability of life’s up and downs. 

It is not recommended to get a year ahead forecast if you haven’t had a birth chart reading. It is more important to understand yourself clearly as it makes understanding the year ahead more meaningful and pertinent to understanding your experience of growth. 

-Relationship Compatibility

Relationships are very complex and delicate. Not everyone is looking for the same thing and timing is another important factor in relationships. It is really fun and helpful to receive relationship analysis for you and another person, whether it is a business partner, lover, family member or friend. One important factor to keep in mind is that many of the issues that we have in relationships can be seen from an individuals birth chart. 

Booking a relationship compatibility reading requires consent from the other party and accurate birth information from both parties. 

If you have had a birth chart reading, you have seen how complex it can be to read the single chart of an individual. A relationship reading is the interpretation of your chart, your partners chart and a a synthesis interpretation of both of you together as a third entity. A relationship reading can identify sexual needs, honesty, communication styles, the direction of the relationship and disconnects between personal needs/wants.

Always feel free to ask questions before setting up an appointment, especially in regards to what type of reading you need. If you have never had a birth chart reading and especially have never worked with a professional astrologer, you will likely be directed to receive a birth chart reading.

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