libra horoscopes 9/23 - 10/23


Libra: A Balancing Act

Libra is the sign of marriage, harmony and balance. Each of these qualities is the result of a working relationship to give and take. As the sun travels through Libra for the next 30 days, it is a time to enjoy the leisure and enjoyment of connection. At the root of connection, we are always in a state of balance - you and I, us and them, client and service provider, protagonist and antagonist. Libras are well regarded for their grace, diplomacy and ability to navigate these multiplicities. They are attuned to balance and know how to curate any situation to make it flow. Within their cool and easygoing nature, there is an immense balancing act going on inside - weighing, considering, calculating - which is where their indecisive quality tends to show up. Balance can be, but is not always, a state of passivity. It takes a lot of work to constantly adjust to changes. Though its external expression is that of grace and ease, Libra is not a passive sign. There tends to be an inner chaos that is constantly sorting and adjusting to maintain a state of balance.

The sun’s movement into Libra on September 23 is the Autumn Equinox - the transition of equal day to night. This shift of seasons brings us all to a place of internal equilibrium. Libra expresses the quality of harmonizing the multiplicities working all at once to create a flowing environment for connection to thrive.  



What is your personal definition of intimacy and are you living it out? 

Partnership and connections seem to take reign of your focus this month. As this month is much more lax than the summer, enjoy time nurturing your relationships and seeing friends. The New Moon on September 28 brings the opportunity to define what partnership means to you. The second week of October will shift the intensity of relationships from surface to intimate. You will notice how you can take your relationships deeper and look more closely into your own patterning.


While this month has a general easygoing feel, you will still be compelled to finish off mundane tasks and maintain your routine. Libra season will ask you how well you get along with your coworkers and are able to maintain your health. The New Moon on September 28 will urge you to devote yourself to your time management. You’re free to move with leisure, though on October 4 Mars will enter your house of health and routine for 2 months giving you the oomph to start and maintain a fitness routine / new health habit.


Enjoy a much lighter month with the freedom to play and share moments of pleasure with friends. Libra season enlivens your creative expression. The New Moon on September 28 will be a great time to dedicate yourself to a new project, make sure that passion is your guide. As the month goes by, you’ll feel the need to find balance within your routine so savor all the opportunities for enjoyment. Intimacy has been such a question for you this year, so use this next month to push through new ways of feeling seen and notice how there may be some breakthroughs.


We’re one half of the way between eclipses and it is a checkpoint for all the changes that you have been implementing this busy year. Libra season challenges you to find the happy place between relationship and being self-oriented. The work continues this month. The New Moon on September 28 is a great time to anchor your intentions to your emotional foundations. What does the space of your inner palace look like, what values are rooted within and who deserves to share that with you?


A stimulating buzz will be consistent as you will be on-the-go this month. The challenge will be to find a balance between your work and your bustling creativity. The New Moon on September 28 invigorates your mind to speak up about your upcoming projects. Feel guided by the process of learning, as it may just be the antidote to the underlying boredom in your routine. Going inward will be necessary starting the second week of October - take rest to reinvigorate what is important to you.


Your resources are on your mind this month and it brings up a good question: What makes you valuable? Is it having x amount of money in your bank account? Is it based on how others depend on you? 

While Libra season will enliven your wallet, it will also have you questioning your self-worth. Having your worth be determined by a number or service that you offer is external. The New Moon on September 28 presents an opportunity to define intentions for your worth, value and money. Contemplate on what you deserve.


Hey boo, you cute. It’s your month so live up that vibrancy, get a new look and treat yourself. Venus is in your sign until October 8 meaning that you get an extra boost of charm and beauty. When Venus changes to Scorpio October 8 it deepens the mood with more intensity, so enjoy the cutesy funsy stuff in the beginning of the month. This year, Libra season is the middle point between the eclipses and for you it’s all about embodying those changes that have developed over the summer. Are there more ways to solidify your commitments to yourself? The New Moon on September 28 is a great time to choose yourself and to set that intention for yourself.


This month has a generally relaxed feeling which will allow you to explore your inner world. It will be important for you to take some space to disconnect from the world, which is something you are familiar with. Question your fears around dependency and your trust with others. You will be more sensitive to seeing your patterns this month. A question for the New Moon on September 28: How can you bridge the gap between sharing intimacy with others and maintaining your personal power?


Where you’ll find the most value this month is within your groups and community. With some effort you’ll have platforms to express yourself to make contacts and new connections. Take advantage of this influx of energy to maximize opportunity. The New Moon on September 28 will refresh your relationship to your associations and social networks. Trust that the new doors that are opening up for you this month can invigorate your confidence. Do not be scared to move through fears of self-worth.


Moving forward with confidence. Saturn finally stationed direct in your sign on September 18 and is now giving you the green light to step out of hermit mode and back to full G.O.A.T. And just in time, as Libra season enlivens your favorite place: the house of career. Time to shine in the most professional way you know. There will still be a few bumps as Saturn is going to take some time to pick up speed, though this month will bring some much-needed progress. The New Moon on September 28 brings a new outlook on your career and public image. Contemplate on bridging the gap between all the work you’ve put into yourself and how that will now show through your professional work.


The looming anxiety and stress that has been hanging with you this year may be paying you a visit this month, but it seems like you have more tools to navigate them now. This month you have the agency to see, confront and work with your inner workings. The New Moon on September 28 may have you setting intentions for travel or a new course of study. Allow your need to expand to guide you this month.


This month will bring you to a place of going deeper with your connections. Friendships can intensify and you will be more interested in your psychological world. The New Moon on September 28 may have you considering partnerships and renew how you view relationships. Be aware of your entanglements with your groups and associations. Any underlying issues are likely to surface this month.

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