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There are some voices that are a healing balm, that touch a deep place within. They penetrate, inspire and drop you into your heart. There are some artists that captivate the world over with their song and words. What can create a voice that sounds like a direct transmission from spirit? These are the songs that evoke emotion - where we know that the musician is striking a chord of truth within themselves and it pierces you as well.


When digging into our own healing process, the planet Chiron will be found looming. Depending on how prominent Chiron will be in the birth chart, the more we will experience painful feelings of rejection. The healing process starts with the recognition of the wound and when we poke and prod Chiron, uncomfortable realizations about self will surface.

In the Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron, teacher and greatest healer amongst the Gods was wounded by Heracles with a bow and arrow. Through his own disdain and self-criticism, he was unable to heal himself.

Harnessing your immortality

When a voice becomes a healing force, it’s a synergy. Like a code to unlock the song of your pain, individuals that have tapped into their Chiron find something immortal within themselves. Through adversity, struggle and intensity that healing process can create a wisdom that is irrevocable.

I have created a list of singers who have strong aspects to Chiron and the results were fascinating.

Chiron conjunct Asc / 1st house

Here we see stories of individual who embody the heaviness and sensitivity of wounding and the healing process - as well as how immense sensitivity makes living in this world so difficult. Inner struggle seems to be in direct relation to talent in these examples.

Whitney Houston

Amy Winehouse

Marvin Gaye


Chiron and Mercury

Mercury is the planet that represents the intellect, writing, communication and voice. When first researching this article, I thought this would have more prominence with these singers, but it seems as though it may have more of an effect on writing and lyrics.

Common (1’ conjunction)

Whitney Houston (3’ opposition)

SZA (1’ trine)

Bob Marley (2’ trine)


Chiron and the Moon

The moon is our experience of childhood and how that influences our emotional patterns and capacity to feel safe and nurture. This can be quite a difficult experience when Chiron is tied to the moon.

Nina Simone (0’ trine)

Stevie Wonder (2’ trine)

Christina Aguilera is quite the anomaly. When she appeared we all thought’ where did this white girl get her huge voice’?

Aguilera has an exact moon chiron conjunction, in the sign of the voice Taurus. Having a turbulent and abusive upbringing, Aguilera turned to music as her form of home and safety.


Chiron and Jupiter

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and fortune, offers the gift of perspective when it graces another planet. I observed that there were far more artists that had this aspect. This aspect would make sense that it is possible to find acclaim or success through breakthroughs in the healing process.

Prince (0’ grand trine with sun)

Edith Piaf (2’ conj)

Erykah Badu (2’ trine)

Amy Winehouse (2’ square)

Nina Simone (3’ grand trine with moon)

Mariah Carey (3’ square)

SZA (6’ trine)

Freddie Mercury (6’ trine)

Common (7’ square)

Healing as a lifetime work

It does not serve you to think that Chiron in aspect to a planet always suggests talent. These celebrity examples are a reflection of the potential that Chiron wants us to unlock within ourselves. Moving through the discomfort into the tender places that we do not wish to expose are part of that process. It is unpleasant and challenging because we are going up against our own experiences of suffering and self rejection. Healing from painful concepts we may carry about ourselves that we have internalized and also experiences that may continually prove themselves to be true in our lives.

The rainbow bridge

From the evolutionary astrology perspective, each of the planets are a type of consciousness, Chiron is considered the rainbow bridge - the key to connecting to deeper awareness - the layer that we must integrate to understand Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.


When approaching your birth chart for healing, Chiron is just one part of many to look into. It really depends on where Chiron is in your chart as an indication of where and how to heal. Your transit/forecast chart will indicate what planetary archetype is alive for you this year and how to work with your healing.

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