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While a birth chart reading will help to guide you into self realization and alignment, a relationship reading is an assessment of the compatibility of two people. It can be a family member, associate, best friend or a lover.

Looking into relationship compatibility will give tools to work best with others as it reveals the needs, motivations, wants and desires of both people. While we all wish to share admiration and love, the way that we give and take may not be received by the other in ways that we appreciate. 

Compatibility readings are helpful for:

  • Identifying the motivations, style of communication. style of assertion, relationship tendencies of both individuals

  • Identifying you and your partners triggers 

  • Determining the challenges and strengths of a relationship

  • Finding the ways to work best with your partner

relationship readings:
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Relationship Reading (30 Mins)

Find out the tone of your relationship. Receive practical advise to navigate your connection to your partner.

Suitable for single folks that wanting to demystify their dating life.

This is a comprehensive reading for 1-2 questions.

Full Relationship Analysis (1 Hr 30 Min)

Full relationship analysis. This reading requires both parties to be present. 

Individual readings are given to each party then a reading together. 

Relationship readings require consent from the other party. 

For 30 min relationship reading birth time of your partner is not required.

For full relationship analysis, the birth time of other party is  required.